Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Day 7

Big Day! Today was the first day of Spanish class. 

My host mother drives and picks me up from the language school, called Proulex. I don't think I am allowed to go by myself using the public transportation. My Spanish class is lovely. There are three students, including myself, from the United States, Italy, and Canada. It is a very nice atmosphere. The teacher only talks in Spanish, and always has interesting things to say about Mexico. Tomorrow I will take a picture of the building itself.

I had a very nice experience in class: the Italian student did not know what chilaquiles were, and I was able to explain it to him, entirely in Spanish, even using the correct word for the specific type of tortilla that they use. I was very proud of myself. I also told my host mother and, although she did not say it, I think she was happy as well.

For lunch today we had rollos de carne en salsa de chile chipotle (eggs, and ham rolled in beef, with bacon around it, in a salsa) served with frijoles and tortillas. It was very good, but a lot of meat. 7

In the evening we went to see a richer part of the city. It is actually quite segregated and guarded and we were only able to see it from the outside. There are guards everywhere. It is right beside a very posh commercial centre, with lots of high-end shops, and international businesses. 

We parked the car on the street near a guava tree. My host mother said that if someone has problems with their stomach, or have drank too much, or are hung over, the tea made from guava tree leaves is very good. So I suggested that we pick some leaves and make tea. :) The tea was a bit plain. I think we needed more leaves in reality, so I think we will try again another time.


Since you cannot drink the tap water here, this is how they solve the issue. Every time you want to take a drink, you just tip the bottle a bit and after it swings back.

Have a wonderful day,

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