Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014.07.14 - Week 4

Day 21

The start of week 4 of my Mexican adventure. How time is flying!
Today is France's national holiday, as well as, and more importantly my cousin Anna's birthday, and my dear friend Carlos's birthday as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF THEM! :)

This morning I was reviewing my regular and irregular Spanish verbs to prepare for the big test today. I hope I do well. 

For breakfast  my host mother made me enfrijoladas. This dish has beans, cream, and cheese mixed together in the tortilla. One with tortilla de maiz and one with tortilla de harina. The harina one was better. This was a good breakfast but really heavy like all Mexican breakfasts.

My test went really well! I got 38 out of 42. We got the results back right away. I'm happy. I realized that what I need to work on the most are prepositions in Spanish. They are quite difficult and I get them mixed up. When I don't know one then I try to use the French equivalent which is not always the same as in Spanish. My Spanish teacher was laughing at me today because of this. 

For lunch we had mole con camerones with nopales. It tasted really good and it was nice to have something without meat. As usual we had it with lime and chilli. Here it is:

In the evening, the family went to the mall but I was not interested because I feel as though I have seen all of the malls in Guadalajara since I have been here. They are all the same, and look just like they do anywhere else in the world. I was told that Mexicans really like shopping as a pass time. Instead, I took a walk around the neighbourhood. As we drive by, there is lovely street art and I wanted to take some pictures of those.

Later in the evening, we went out to have tacos on the street. These are, according to my host sister, the best tacos in the city. They had small ones and big ones. I decided to try three small ones. One was with regular beef, and the other two were tacos al pastor. The last one was by favourite.

After our very late night snack we took a drive in the city to see it all light up at night. It was really beautiful.

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