Monday, July 21, 2014

2014.07.21 - Apu szulinapja

Day 28 - Week 5


This morning my host sister left for Mexico City. I will not see her again before I leave.

This morning I made my own quesedillas for breakfast. I am learning the Mexican way. :)

Before my language course, I was able to make an appointment for myself and to tell the lady on the phone what I wanted done. I am happy about this accomplishment. 

After my language course, I met up with the family's cousin, Alejandra. She is very nice. Together we went to see the Palacio de Gobierno again. She explained a bit more about the murals there. We took a little walk in the down town of Guadalajara. She stopped at one moment and asked what I thought of a particular view. She asked me if I thought that it looked European, because she thought so. :) What do you think? It is the two last pictures. We went for a Michelada after our visit and had a nice chat. I want to find a really good Michelada recipe. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Courtyard of the Palacio de Gobierno
Cathedral towers
Teatro Degollado
Down town Guadalajara
Does it look European?
In the evening, I had guacamole. This is the most wonderful thing here. It is so delicious. Nothing compares. It is my favourite Mexican food. I also went to pick the flowers of the orange tree. I love the smell and I want to dry them and to make a tea. I went to pick them on the street from a tree in front of a house, but the people were just inside near the window so I stopped picking it because I thought that it was their property. Upon my return home, my host mother informed me that since it is on the street it is not their property and can also be picked. So maybe tomorrow I will go back and get some more.

Have a lovely day,

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