Friday, July 4, 2014

2014.04.03 - Michelle's Graduation

Day 10

This morning I woke up convinced that it was Wednesday. When I looked at the date of my computer, I was very surprised to discover that today is Thursday in fact.

I had a lovely pastry for breakfast this morning, filled with a nice custard, with sugar on the outside. It was very good, and sweet. ;)

I had my Spanish class. We focused on free conversation in the past tense. I am getting better and better. I was told by my Spanish teacher that I look like a Mexican that shops at the Andares. I was not really happy about this comment because this is the place where we went on Monday, to the very commercial, high-end shopping centre. This is just like going to a mall in any other major city. I don't think I'm like this. At least I hope not.

After Spanish class, I tried a typical dish from Guadalajara called tortas ahogadas. This is a special bread from Guadalajara that has a unique flavour due to the altitude of the city, which cannot be reproduced anywhere else. This bread is filled with various meats. The most common is pork, but they also have chicken and other specialities like pig jaw and pig tongue. I tried a bit of the pig jaw from my host sister. It did not taste any different than another part of the pig. I had mine filled with pork, and salsa, served with some pickled vegetables and a special vinegar chilli. I could barely eat, it because it has a massive amount of meat in it. Also the bread was very soggy from all of the salsa. This is probably the worse tasting dish that I have tried in Mexico.

After, we went to my host sister's sister's graduation. I was not aware that we were going, I only found out as we were on our way. (I was a bit under dressed for the occasion.) She just finished medical school. During the ceremony, it was interesting to see all of the different Mexican names, some of which included old Mayan and Aztec names as well. After the ceremony there was a live Mariachi band. It was super cool.

After the ceremony, we went out to an Italian restaurant. It was really nice. I tasted a delicious Mexican wine, which was a merlot. I did not know that Mexico produced wine and in all honesty I was surprised at how good it tasted. After dinner, I had an espresso. I like coffee but I never knew just how much. Here, the coffee tastes very different than anywhere else I have had coffee before. In the Italian restaurant I was able to have 'my' kind of coffee. :) It tasted so good!!! It has been 1.5 weeks since I have tasted this flavour and it was nice to have it. My host mother was a bit tipsy by the end of the meal and it was funny to see because she has a very small glass of wine.

Upon, getting ready for bed, I have a lovely conversation with my host sister. It is nice to find people with the same type of mentality and world view. It is also nice to know that someone can have these views at such a young age. 



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