Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Day 15

I have already been here for two weeks. How time is flying. 

Today is beautiful out, almost like every other day. I am told that the weather here in Guadalajara is one of the best climates of all of Mexico. From what I have experienced I completely agree because I cannot see how it can get any better. Everyday is sunny and 28 degrees with no humidity. I love it. It rarely rains, and when it does, it is just for 30 minutes or so. It is rarely cloudy as well. What do the Mexicans say?

After school, I came home and my host mother made carne en su jugo, which I love. I realized just today what gave it its greenish colour. It is those green tomatoes that Mexicans use. With it we had gorditas with chicharron in the dough itself. Chicharron is exactly like toportyu in Hungarian cuisine. I see no difference. While eating we were watching the big game. Poor Brazil. 


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