Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Day 16

I went to Spanish class and was told that I have an exam next week. I will be preparing for it next weekend. I need to study the irregular verbs of el preterito. 

Today the weather like usual was lovely. 

After class, we went out for crepes with my host sister. We have one savoury one and one salty one. They were both tasty. Most of the sweet crepes here have Philadelphia cream cheese in them. (Andrea, you would be in heaven.) I also tried a Mexican chai tea, which was very, very nice.

After, I met up with a long time Euroculture friend, Karla. Since I met her in Germany, she has had a baby.

After our meeting, I took the bus number 25 all the way home. It went well because I am still not sure how the stops work here so I had to ask the bus driver to stop when we went past my street. I said, "Puedo salir aqui, por favor?". I think he was really surprised at this request. :)


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