Sunday, July 6, 2014


Day 12

I feel better this morning. Let the weekend adventures begin! :)

For breakfast we had camomile tea, and red velvet cake left over from a party yesterday. They were both really good. 

After we went to El Cultural, which is a tianguis. It was lovely. I really enjoy these types of markets.

After we took a walk in a really nice park. I enjoyed being surrounded by all the greenery. There were even some animals in the park. We saw monarch butterflies, parrots, crows, peacocks, and various other big birds.

While walking towards the tacos, we saw these that they were selling on the street. The insides are different colours. There is red, fuchsia, and orange, of varying sweetness. They were delicious. As my host sister described them, they look like a brain. 

After that, we walked to get fish tacos. One was just fried fish and the other was fried shrimp. I think I have fallen in love. :P This is one of the best things that I have tasted here. We bought it in the street even. The place was so nice, with life music and a place to wash your hands as well. Look:
Here is the place:
There was a huge crowd in front. I was told that it always like this.

In the evening, my host sister's sister had another graduation ceremony. I was again unaware of this. I only found out this morning. It was a really formal event. Since I did not bring any formal clothes, my host family lent me everything. Here are some photos from the evening:
The Venue
Olga and me
My host parents
Michelle, the new graduate, and Martin
The whole family
Mariachi Band

This was the promotion of the Mexican team for the World Cup at the entrance of all Oxxo stores.

Have a lovely weekend,

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