Friday, July 4, 2014


Day 11 - Sick :(

This morning it was a bit hectic getting to my Spanish course. I was accompanied by a family friend to the language school in a taxi. The taxi driver did not know where the language centre was, so we spent 15 minutes going around all the streets looking for it. Of course, I was of no help since I have a horrible sense of direction. I was very stressed out getting to class. But things worked out. In the break, we took a little class trip to the cafe around the corner. I had a really nice cappuccino; my first since I have been here. My stomach felt fine, but on the way home in the car I started to feel very sick, and by the time we got home, my stomach was hurting a lot. I rested for a bit and Michelle came to treat me. She gave my a yellow pill that tasted like vanilla. After, I had something to eat and I felt better. My host family said that I looked very pale. They all guessed that it was probably the milk in my coffee since the breakfast I had is what I have had every morning.

I had a really nice talk with Michelle's boyfriend today. It is always a pleasure for me to meet really nice people and to hear about their life paths'. This was definitely one of those instances.

I decided to stay home this evening because I still do not feel 100% back to normal. I will rest tonight and be ready for the weekend ahead.

Sorry for the boring post.


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