Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Day 22

This morning my host mother taught me how to make champurrado and also gorditas. The combination of these two things is a very typical Mexican breakfast. It was really good. In particular, I really liked the champurrado. It is so nice and thick. I want to try and make it at home for my family. There is a very specific type of chocolate that goes into making it that is made in Guadalajara. I had a piece to try, and it tastes very different than the chocolate that I know. Even in appearance it has small crystals of sugar inside. 

Ibarra chocolate made in Guadalajara

The tool used to mix the chocolate and milk together

Breakfast: gordita with champurrado

For lunch we had tacos al vapor. I had one with frijoles, one with mole, and one with chicharron. The one with frijoles was my favourite. We had it with a nopal salad which I really liked. It was so nice and fresh, which I think is a rarity in Mexican cuisine.

After lunch we went to the down town of Guadalajara to see the Hospicio de Cabanas. It was already closed by the time we got there so we were not able to see it. I will go back next Tuesday to see it because I really would like to see the mural that is inside. Instead we took a lovely walk in the down town of the city. There was an open-air market and we got to see traditional Mexican crafts. We also went by the site where the city was founded. There is a fountain on the site.

There was an exhibition with various sculpted chairs. I sat in some:

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