Sunday, July 13, 2014


Day 20

Today, the whole family woke up and we went to 'the club'. My host family are members of a sports club and occasionally on Sunday mornings they go there to work out or relax because there is also a heated pool and steam room. When I heard that there was going to be a stream room, I got really excited because it reminded me of Hungarian thermal baths. After our 4 laps in the pool we went to relax in the stream room, which was really nice. The whole facility of the sports club is really well managed with vegetation, flowers, and trees everywhere. I forgot to take a picture. Sorry. At the club there is a buffet breakfast so we went there all together. I tried fried quesadillas which were really nice and hand-made tortillas filled with the flower of the zucchini plant that once my friend, Paloma, told me about. Everything was super good. There was also a menudo soup, which I was all for trying even though it is having meat for breakfast, until I realized what menudo was. Then I was no longer interested. Instead they had a lovely selection of sweet breads (kalacs) and muzli and fresh fruit. This was more my type of breakfast. There were also fresh fruit juices. Side Note: I have had this experience here numerous times when Mexicans say juice, and I ask fresh, or pure juice expecting to get freshly squeezed fruit juice with very little or no sugar at all. Each time, they reply, yes fresh juice, but it is a always a really sugary beverage. Today I even asked if it was an agua fresca, they replied no but again it was lemon juice, full of sugar. This is a bit comical for me. :) Probably pure squeezed juice would be too sour or bitter for traditional Mexican taste buds. At the club, we also went to mass. It was my first Spanish language mass. It was pretty much the same as a remember last time I went except for the language. 

In the afternoon we watched the BIG game. I was most definitely cheering for Germany. My host father was saying that Germany for sure is the better team of the two considering skills, but he is still cheering for Argentina because it is a team from the Americas. I like that. My new friends from the train yesterday, are Mexicans but the are cheering for Germany because of a dislike of Argentinian arrogance. My Ecuadorian friend is cheering also for Argentina. So many different reasoning. I am cheering for Germany from the simple fact that I have had experiences and lived in this country before. It is a country that I really like. Whereas with Argentina I have had zero exposure to it. But then again.... what do I know about soccer or futbol. :P

In the evening, I went to put credit on the Mexican phone, and the lady working at the store complimented me on my pronunciation. It was nice to hear. We also had pistachio ice cream, which was really good. 

Have a lovely week ahead,

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