Thursday, July 3, 2014


Day 9

All of this week I have been able to have a sweet and light breakfast of my kind. I have fresh papaya with beyond delicious honey and a bit of lime. It makes me very happy in the morning. It tastes so good. :)

In my Spanish class, we are currently learning the preterite (el preterito indefinido). The class has grown, with two new additions from the United States.

After eating, we went to take a walk in the down town of the city. We went to the big cathedral of Guadalajara, and also to the Rotunda called, Rotunda de los Jaliscenses Ilustres. The beginning of the construction of the cathedral dates back to 1558. The stained glass windows are beautiful and my pictures do not do it justice. The style of the cathedral is a big mix with European and Mexican indigenous influences. The Rotunda is where all of the famous people of the region are commemorated. They are 20 bronze statues all around the Rotunda. Recently, there was a woman added to the mix, and the name of the Rotunda was changed to its present name from, Rotunda de los Hombres Ilustres. :)
the Cathedral
the Rotunda
a Mexican muralist

Look at this beautiful flower growing outside our house:

When I see this flower, for some reason, I think of my mother's friend Livi. She is the type of person that could talk your ear off for hours just about this very flower. Anyu?

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