Thursday, July 17, 2014


Day 23 

This morning again I had champurrado for breakfast . I love it.

I had a very nice Spanish class today. My teacher complimented us that our Spanish was improving.

In the evening we went to Tlaquepaque. This is just beside Guadalajara but since Guadalajara is expanding so much it is pretty much the same city. Tlaquepaque is beautiful! It was very different than the centre of Guadalajara. I had a nice experience. I even saw parrots in the wild. There were indigenas doing a ritual to the sun god, which we got to see. It was a bit scary watching them because they were so far from the ground and only tied with ropes themselves and nothing else. As the ropes untwisted they arrived to the ground, all the while playing their instruments.

A beautiful street in Tlaquepaque
The main square in Tlaquepaque (with my host mother in front)
My host family wanted to take this picture of me. :P
Olga, me and the Mariachi
A typical cocktail from Tlaquepaque
I just really like the table setting and table cloth.

The main church and the tree where we saw the wild parrots
In Tlaquepaque, I tried corn with cream, cheese, lime and chilli put into a little cup and taken to go while walking down the street. I also tried coconut juice, and coconut chunks with lime, salt, and chilli as well. I tired some typical desserts from Jalisco, which were very sweet. My host sister and I got our fortune's told by a bird named Arturo. 

We started to head home before it started to rain because when it rains a lot then the street going from Tlaquepaque to Guadalajara gets flooded.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Csilla!!! That pic of you and mariachi is SO CUTE!! And OMG you've such a long hair!!!!!!!!! Ideal for braiding, right? ;-)
    Enjoooy, xo