Monday, July 7, 2014


Day 13 - My favourite thus far

I got home from the graduation ceremony at 3 am. During the party Olga's boyfriend invited us to go hiking in the morning. We were both interested, but the only downside was that we were leaving super early and had to be up at 7 am. We decided to go for it. So after getting 3 hours of sleep we woke up and got ready and left for our mountain climbing adventure.
Olga and I both had the idea that this was going to be a couple of hours, and that we would be home by lunch time. In fact we ended up hiking for 7 hours with very short breaks. It was a huge climb in fact. Me and one other person made it to the very top. The others were too tired. I got a bit sun burnt on my nose. Overall, this was my favourite day in Mexico that I have had so far.

Here are some pictures:

A tree with red bark in the distance
The small mountain called Cerro Viejo

What do you think? Small? ;)

Have a lovely week,

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