Sunday, June 29, 2014


Day 6

Today, my host family went to church in the morning. On their way home, they picked me up and we went to have breakfast together. This was a nice experience. I learnt new words and tried new foods. My favourite thing was champurrado (which I guess is Mexican hot chocolate) served in a jarro (a pottery mug). Having recently taken a pottery course, I was even more so able to appreciate the work that must have went into making such a thing. It's beautiful.
For breakfast I tried hocoque with tomato chilli (this is like cottage cheese maybe), and I also had chilaquiles. Secretly, I picked this one off the menu because the beginning of the word sounds like my name. :) It was scrambled eggs, and beans, with totopos (little pieces of fried tortilla), cheese, and tomato sauce. Those of you who know me well, also know that this is a not the type of thing that I usually eat for breakfast. This was a huge breakfast for me and I was not able to finish it.

The family at breakfast:

We came home to watch the match: Mexico versus the Netherlands. It was a disappointing ending. :(  I was cheering for Mexico. The reactions of the others was a real cultural experience.

For dinner we went to a sea food restaurant. It was delicious. 

After dinner we went to see Transcendence. Had anyone seen it yet?

Licence plate of Jalisco
Have a lovely week everyone!



Day 5

This morning we did the grasse matinee as the French would say. I learnt an expression in Spanish which I think is very similar: el mal del puerco.

For breakfast we had cheese quesadillas, served with pico de gallo (literally rooster beak). Pico is gallo is with tomatoes, chilli, onion, lime juice, and salt. We opened up our quesadillas and filled them with pico de gallo. Also, we had fresh papaya with honey and lime juice. I am a huge fan of honey in general, but I don't think I have tasted honey as good as this. To me, it definitely rivals the delicious Hungarian akac mez.

Pico de gallo


After breakfast, and of course once the soccer match was over, we went to visit a friend of my host father in La Magdalena.
During our drive there, we passed through the Tequila region where the agave plant grows, used to produce tequila. The landscape was very beautiful.

We had a lovely lunch, full of meat, including chicken, pork, lamb, and sausage.

Here is a view of the main square in La Magdalena:
My host sister and me

Upon our return to the city, we visited the virgin of Zapopan that is starting her tour. You can see the virgin just below Jesus's feet.
To welcome the virgin, the whole street was decorated in blue and white. It was set up like a fair with rides for children and lots of food vendors. I tasted 3 different types of churros including churros relleno, and bunuelo. I also tasted camote (some kind of fruit in a dark sugar syrup), and sweet tamal (something from corn). It was street food but I did not get sick. 

All in all, this was a full day.


Saturday, June 28, 2014


Day 4

This morning I had molletes for breakfast. I had one salty one and one sweet one. The salty one had beans, and cheese with tomatoes and onion, and the sweet one was loaded with butter and topped with something like dulce de leche. The second one was my favourite. I even took another spoonful after. :)

In the afternoon, my host mother and I ran some errands together. We drove through the down town of Guadalajara. It is very beautiful with many old buildings and lots of churches. I am looking forward to talking a nice walk through this area in the future. Next, we went to the outskirts of the city, where we drove by a canyon, from my understanding. The view was spectacular. Some people have their backyards facing this view, and I am very jealous.

For lunch we had carne en su jugo. This is one of my favourite dishes that I have tried so far. My other host sister also made an agua fresca with mangos. It was very good.

In the evening we went to my host mother's sister's birthday party with all of their other family members. It was really nice to see the whole family together. Everyone is very welcoming. It was interesting to see cucumber served on a fruit platter along with water melon, jicama, and mango. 

Observation: I am amazed at how many American chains are here in Mexico. They have Walmart, KFC, Domino's, Home Depot, 7 11, McDonald's, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Best Buy and more probably. 


PS. Sorry for the single picture in this post. 

Friday, June 27, 2014



In Mexico, I live in a household with numerous animals. My host family loves them. They have three dogs, and numerous birds and parrots. Two of the dogs were rescued from the street. My host sister found another dog on her way home from school yesterday but her parents did not allow her to keep it because they already have too many.

The dogs:



The parrots:
Pancho and Junior

There are more birds in the backyard.

How lovely would it be to have a lime tree in your backyard?



Day 3

Today, no garbage truck. ;)

This morning for breakfast my host mother made gorditas. This is a made from the same pastry as tortillas but they are three times as thick and smaller. We had them with salt, chilli, and LOTS of butter.

For lunch, we made our own tortillas. The dough (masa) was already prepared and we made little balls and put them into this wooden tortilla maker that flattened the dough out nicely, and then the tortilla was cooked. The verb of handling the dough for the purpose of making gorditas or tortillas is called tortillar. I really like this word. Once finished, the tortillas are placed in a basket with a cloth to keep them warm. Also, I am beginning to realize that tortillas in themselves are very filling and quite heavy, especially if you have them two or three times a day.
Tortilla maker
For dessert we had flan.

In the evening, we went to a city called Zapopan. I think that Guadalajara is growing so much that now Zapopan is almost part of the city but still retains a separate name. We went to visit the Basilica of Zapopan, built in 1730. This cathedral hosts the third most important religious procession in the country, when thousands come to visit a little virgin statue, called Nuestra Senora de Zapopan or La Generala. It takes place every 12th of October. The procession starts from the Cathedral in Guadalajara and ends at the Basilica, which totals 8 km. I learnt that churches in general are kept open all the time, even in the evenings for anyone to come in and pray.

Observation of the day:
In case you cannot see, this is a horse on the back of a truck on the highway. Any comments?


Thursday, June 26, 2014


The Railway Man

Last night I went to see a movie with Olga and her boyfriend Teo.

Here is the trailer:

It was nice, but nothing extraordinary. It was very predictable. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

Has anyone else seen it?

The movie theatre was called Cinepolis, located inside a mall. At the entrance to the mall there were  security guards with big guns guarding it. It was very interesting to see. Also, at the movie theatre, they had flavoured popcorn. We tried the enchilada and cheddar flavoured ones. Indeed, popcorn here is called palomitas. I really like this word..



Day 2

This morning, again, I heard the cow bells ringing, announcing that the garbage truck was here. Very interesting method.

I went to a traditional Guadalajaran market today. (I also learnt a new word for market: el tianguis) It is very colourful and full of delicious smells. We bought fruits and vegetables with my host mother, Olivia. Upon arriving home, we went through all of the fruits and vegetables so I could learn all the words. Lots of new vocabulary.

There is one thing that we bought that I cannot find a translation for and have no idea what it is. It is called jicama. Any ideas? I has a texture like an apple, but it grows in the ground. We had it raw with lime, salt, and chilli. 

I also tried la piel de cerdo which translates as pig skin. This was pickled in vinegar and served with lime, salt and chilli. Surprise, surprise. 
La piel del cerdo on a tortilla

I helped my host mother prepare beef albondigas with rice and eggs inside that are cooked in a tomato sauce. Also, my host sister, Olga, made guacamole. This is the best one that I ever tasted. It was prepared using a mortar and pestle (mozsar or el molcajete).

In the evening, we went to see the university. It has buildings all over the city. 
This is Olga, my host sister.

There are lots of street vendors here, services to have things delivered to your home, and also people selling things with their car and advertising it as they go along.

It is very nice today because on the first day, I barely said anything, and already today, I was able to ask so many questions, full of mistakes, but the meaning came across. :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Day 1

The highlight of today was the food. :)

I had a very typical breakfast that was quite heavy for me. It consisted of beans (frijoles), which were prepared with lard, eggs (hueves) with tomatoes, onions, and napale (a kind of cactus). It was very good but super heavy.

During the day, we visited an area of the city with lots of shops called Obregon (San Juan de Dios). This had all sorts of things. On our way there we went down a street with mechanics all over, standing outside to bring in customers holding hammers in their hands. Also, there in fact is a lot of street food vendors everywhere.

I also tried aguas frescas today. I had the horchata flavour (the one on the right). I could not find an English translation for this word. Any ideas?
In the evening we had chicken soup (caldo de pollo) and enchiladas for dinner. They were delicious.

I am beginning to realize that on the traditional Mexican table there is always fleur de sel, limes, and a bowl of home made chili. This goes on everything, all dishes, even in the soup.

Have a lovely day,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Travelling to Mexico

Yesterday, my 8-hour day of travelling turned into a 20-hour day of travelling.
As soon as I arrived at my gate in Toronto, United Airlines announced that my flight was delayed 1 hour. This meant that I would miss my two other connecting flights.
After spending 1 hour at the counter trying to find a better solution, I would arrive 5 hours later than my original plan.

I flew from Toronto to Newark, New Jersey. From New Jersey to Houston, Texas, and from Houston to Guadalajara, Mexico.

I woke up in Guelph at 3am on Monday morning and did not arrived at my final destination until 9pm Guadalajara time. It was a very long day. 

On a more positive note:
-I met two nice families in Houston that I spent some time with
-I have a new stamp in my passport
-My host family is lovely
-I had a very good dinner

I am ready for my Mexican adventure to begin! :)

Have a lovely day,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

University of Guadalajara

University of Guadalajara

This is my summer school university:

What do you think?

Have a lovely day,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Next Trip...MEXICO

Next Trip...MEXICO

I am in the process of preparing for my next travel adventure.
This time the destination is Guadalajara, Mexico.

I have been reading up about the country and am finding out very interesting facts.

The first purpose of this blog will be to keep friends and family updated about my adventures.

Does anyone have any tips?

Have a lovely day,