Sunday, June 29, 2014


Day 6

Today, my host family went to church in the morning. On their way home, they picked me up and we went to have breakfast together. This was a nice experience. I learnt new words and tried new foods. My favourite thing was champurrado (which I guess is Mexican hot chocolate) served in a jarro (a pottery mug). Having recently taken a pottery course, I was even more so able to appreciate the work that must have went into making such a thing. It's beautiful.
For breakfast I tried hocoque with tomato chilli (this is like cottage cheese maybe), and I also had chilaquiles. Secretly, I picked this one off the menu because the beginning of the word sounds like my name. :) It was scrambled eggs, and beans, with totopos (little pieces of fried tortilla), cheese, and tomato sauce. Those of you who know me well, also know that this is a not the type of thing that I usually eat for breakfast. This was a huge breakfast for me and I was not able to finish it.

The family at breakfast:

We came home to watch the match: Mexico versus the Netherlands. It was a disappointing ending. :(  I was cheering for Mexico. The reactions of the others was a real cultural experience.

For dinner we went to a sea food restaurant. It was delicious. 

After dinner we went to see Transcendence. Had anyone seen it yet?

Licence plate of Jalisco
Have a lovely week everyone!


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