Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Day 1

The highlight of today was the food. :)

I had a very typical breakfast that was quite heavy for me. It consisted of beans (frijoles), which were prepared with lard, eggs (hueves) with tomatoes, onions, and napale (a kind of cactus). It was very good but super heavy.

During the day, we visited an area of the city with lots of shops called Obregon (San Juan de Dios). This had all sorts of things. On our way there we went down a street with mechanics all over, standing outside to bring in customers holding hammers in their hands. Also, there in fact is a lot of street food vendors everywhere.

I also tried aguas frescas today. I had the horchata flavour (the one on the right). I could not find an English translation for this word. Any ideas?
In the evening we had chicken soup (caldo de pollo) and enchiladas for dinner. They were delicious.

I am beginning to realize that on the traditional Mexican table there is always fleur de sel, limes, and a bowl of home made chili. This goes on everything, all dishes, even in the soup.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Horchata water is made of rice, put the rice in water overnight and sweetened, it is very tasty!