Thursday, June 26, 2014


Day 2

This morning, again, I heard the cow bells ringing, announcing that the garbage truck was here. Very interesting method.

I went to a traditional Guadalajaran market today. (I also learnt a new word for market: el tianguis) It is very colourful and full of delicious smells. We bought fruits and vegetables with my host mother, Olivia. Upon arriving home, we went through all of the fruits and vegetables so I could learn all the words. Lots of new vocabulary.

There is one thing that we bought that I cannot find a translation for and have no idea what it is. It is called jicama. Any ideas? I has a texture like an apple, but it grows in the ground. We had it raw with lime, salt, and chilli. 

I also tried la piel de cerdo which translates as pig skin. This was pickled in vinegar and served with lime, salt and chilli. Surprise, surprise. 
La piel del cerdo on a tortilla

I helped my host mother prepare beef albondigas with rice and eggs inside that are cooked in a tomato sauce. Also, my host sister, Olga, made guacamole. This is the best one that I ever tasted. It was prepared using a mortar and pestle (mozsar or el molcajete).

In the evening, we went to see the university. It has buildings all over the city. 
This is Olga, my host sister.

There are lots of street vendors here, services to have things delivered to your home, and also people selling things with their car and advertising it as they go along.

It is very nice today because on the first day, I barely said anything, and already today, I was able to ask so many questions, full of mistakes, but the meaning came across. :)



  1. The jicama is very tasty with lemon, salt and pepper, here you can buy in Guelph, has the same name ... jicama

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I would like to have my parents try it as well.