Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014.07.23 - My Birthday!

Day 30 - My Birthday!

This morning I woke up and got ready.
We went to the tianguis together to buy some fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat. It was another lovely experience. We also had breakfast the the tianguis, very large quesadillas. I had my filled with cheese and mushrooms, and some other types of steamed vegetables. I put cream and salsa on top. It was really good and super filling. A typical Mexican breakfast. 
Quesadilla preparation
Quesadilla with red and green salsa
Class was good, like always.

After class, my Spanish teacher came to our house to have lunch with me and the whole family. It was really nice. My host mother made carne en su jugo, which is one of my favourite dishes here. They bought a cake for me of tres leches. I had a truly Mexican experience because my head went into the cake, pushed by my lovely host sister. It took me completely by surprised but I was later told that this is a very Mexican experience. Not a very nice one. :P They gave me a lovely bag for my birthday that it embroidered with flowers. It is lovely. 
With cake in my face
What do you think?

In the evening, I went out with my Spanish language teacher. His name is Vidal. We tried some local beer from Guadalajara and took a lovely walk in the city at night. It was a very nice evening. I had the darker beer. It tasted a bit like chocolate. 
Vidal with the Ferenc Liszt Monument in Guadalajara. Who knew?

It is not everyday that one has the chance to turn 26 in Mexico! :) It was a lovely experience.


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