Monday, November 3, 2014


Dinner Party at Oktober 6

As I'm staying with a former classmate at the moment, he had the idea of having a couple of people over for the evening. Naturally, I was all for it.
In the morning, we woke up and went to the Lehel teri piac for to get the ingredients. We agreed to make a leak and mushroom pie, sushi, mushrooms with blue cheese, my baked brie and mushroom mix, sopska salad, and brownies with hazelnuts for dessert. I think that it was a success. Martin had amassed a nice collection of wine which we drank throughout the evening. My favourite was a Hungarian one from the Szepasszonyvolgye near Eger. It really surprised me for a Hungarian wine. In addition, Martin's girlfriend brought some beers from Belgium. The last time I had one similar was in 2011 and I really enjoyed the experience, so this one was such a pleasure to drink and enjoy. 

The Table
Excellent Hungarian Wine
The Belgian beers with the hosts in the background

Thank you all for coming and sharing the evening me us.


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