Thursday, February 5, 2015


Day Trip to Belgrade

In between the two holidays, my cousin had a handball match in Belgrade and we decided to make a little day trip out of it. I have never been to Belgrade even though I have been to Serbia more times than I can count. We drove down and got there at around 11 in the morning. The night before I was researching the public transportation connections to be able to get around the city. It was extremely difficult to do this because officially in Serbia, they use the cyrillic alphabet. As I was planning our route, evidently all of the stops were written in cyrillic. I kept on writing it down on a piece of paper, and bringing it over to my grandmother to have it firstly written down in latin letters, and secondly to translate it. This took a very long time, but in the end I managed. On this little trip one of my dreams came true. We went to the memorial where Tito was buried and the museum and exhibition surrounding it. After, we went up to the old fortress of the city and look out onto where the two rivers meet, the Duna, and the Sava.
After we went back to the sports arena where my cousin was playing. We watched the match and came home. They won against a team from Belgrade. There were teams from Slovenia, Bosnia, and other parts of Serbia.
One of the things that I strongly associate with Serbia culture is burek. While in Belgrade, it was my desire to have a real burek from Belgrade. My dream came true and it was one of the best ones that I have ever had. I ate it with fresh yogurt. It is the best combination.
All in all, this was a wonderful day! :)
I love my aunt and uncle! They are my stepparents in a way.
Me and Tito
Peti and Tito
Tito's signature
Tito's Wife's Grave
Tito's Grave
House of Flowers
Tito with Sartre

Where the Sava Runs into the Duna

What do you think?
Would you like to go to Belgrade? Have you already been?


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