Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at my Aunt's

It is rare that I get to spent Christmas and Christmas Eve with my extended family since they live so far from us. At the same time, it is lovely to do so, and to get to know their traditions as well. In Hungarian families, dinner on the 24th usually consists of fish soup. So this year, on December 24th, there was a dinner party at my aunt Gabi's house with my uncle's extended family as well and we had....fish soup. This is a tradition that I really like but we do not usually do this with my immediate family. It was a lovely evening with a small gift exchange, some nice desserts including beigli (a Hungarian pastry with either poppy seeds or walnuts inside) and zserbo, and great company.
Here are some moments:
Hand Made Decorations by Gabi
Drying Oranges for Christmas Ornaments

Fish Soup 
Zserbo (my favourite Hungarian dessert)
Kis kifli
Honey (my Christmas gift) - Already gone...
Sleeping dogs

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