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As known, Budapest is home to numerous 'ruin pubs'. These are my favourite places to go out. (In an ideal world, I would like to go to each of them before my time in Budapest is up. I realistically do not think that it is possible, but I can try to get as many done and then leave some for next time. I have already been to about one third of the list.) I recently discovered a new one called Eleszto. It is actually a micro brewery where there are numerous different types of beer to try. They even had a chestnut flavoured one, which I did not yet try....but I will. I went with my aunt because she was here visiting me for the weekend. We both asked for more bitter tasting beers and were recommended two by the bartender. Her's was called Bunny Hop which was made in the 'American' style that was very fresh tasting with amarilla. It was a half-bitter, light beer. Mine was called Bitterfly which was in the 'Belgian' style. It was half brown and very bitter. I loved it. We both got our first and were both very satisfied with our selection that we decided to keep going with our original choices.
Kind of reminds you of something not so pleasant, no? Minus the acorns of course.
It has an indoor and an outdoor area.

Have you been to Eleszto? 
What are your experiences there?


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